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The Knights Templars of Albion Welfare Office

The Knights Templars of Albion take Member welfare and well-being seriously and the Order Council has two appointed dedicated Welfare Officers who can be contacted on the Welfare Office Email Address

Purpose of the Order Welfare Office

The purpose of the Knights Templars of Albion Order Welfare Office is to supply a safe haven for members and associates that may need help and guidance with issues, be they spiritual, personal, professional or medical. The Welfare Officers are not there to personally council or instruct, their aim is to see if they can help those in need to find the right help and guidance from industry professionals that the Order may work with.

All conversations held with the Welfare Officers are in strict confidence and remain within the office unless it is something that has a direct impact on the Order itself, in which instance it may be asked of the GrandMaster or Ruling Officer to issue guidance on how to best proceed.

The appointed Welfare Officers for the Order are

Commander Albert Louw


Contacting the Welfare Office

They can be contacted directly at:

If as a member or an associate you feel the need to talk with someone then feel free to drop them an email and they will see if they can arrange something for you.

Oath and Constitution

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be brace and be upright so that God will love thee.

Speak the truth always even if it leads to your downfall.

Safeguard the helpless and.... 

Order Structure

Sir Nick Grand Master the Knights Templars of Albion and Ambassador for the United Kingdom on behalf of Templar Nation. Sir Nick is a Member of the High Council Civil and Military Order Ordo....

Affiliated Orders

Under the Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity, The Knights Templars of Albion have signed and agreed affiliations to work alongside, share knowledge and amity with other international Orders of the Knights Templars....

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