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  The Oath and Order Moto of The Knights Templars Of Albion
Any Order that has a member body must have a passage by which they live.
The Knights Templars of Albion have based both their Order Oath and Moto on the original learning of the Knights Templars. These are an integral part of learning the ways, ethics and ethos of the Knights Templars.

Order moto 2020.jpg
Commandary oath 2020.jpg

Apostle Program

The Knights Templar of Albion Apostles Program has been designed to test your knowledge and help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a Knights Templar. It is to help guide you through your journey....

Order Structure

Sir Nick Grand Master the Knights Templars of Albion and Ambassador for the United Kingdom on behalf of Templar Nation. Sir Nick is a Member of the High Council Civil and Military Order Ordo....

Affiliated Orders

Under the Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity, The Knights Templars of Albion have signed and agreed affiliations to work alongside, share knowledge and amity with other international Orders of the Knights Templars....

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