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The Knights Templars of Albion
International Affiliations

The Knights Templar of Albion work to strengthen associations with other like-minded peoples, groups, organisations, recognised Orders, religious bodies and charities within the international Templar community. We do this by way of Treaties, Agreements and Partnership opportunities. The Knights Templars of Albion are focused on building a bigger and stronger community of interconnected Knights Templars that can work together for the benefit of all.

Our Affiliations

The Knights Templars of Albion work with a variety of different associations. Please click the relevant link below. If you are a recognised organisation and are looking to affiliate with us please contact our Order Council to discuss in more detail.

Affiliated Orders

Under the Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity we have signed and agreed Affiliations to work with, stand alongside, share knowledge and Amity with other internationally recognised Knights Templars Orders. Our Treaties binds us to share learning in the protection of world wide Knights Templar Orders and the members therein.

Templar Nation

The purpose of Templar Nation is to unite all the templar people under one banner, the banner of a true Nation. All the persons of good will who, for historical, ideological, cultural or religious reasons, recognize themselves in the ideals of the Templar people and accept to adhere to the Constitutional Charter, can request the templar nationality.

Religious Bodies

In spiritual unity, The Knights Templars of Albion look to establish Twinning Agreements, Blessings of Sanctity, and Treaties of Brotherhood and Amity with prestigious religious bodies from across the world that support the development, culture and ethos of the Knights Templars.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon is the leading charity focused at ending male violence against women by engaging with men and boys to make a stand against violence. They act as a catalyst, encouraging people to individually and collectively take action and change behaviour.

Apostle Program

The Knights Templars of Albion Apostles Program has been designed to test your knowledge and help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a Knights Templar. It is to help guide you through your journey....

Order Structure

Sir Nick Grand Master the Knights Templars of Albion and Ambassador for the United Kingdom on behalf of Templar Nation. Sir Nick is a Member of the High Council Civil and Military Order Ordo....

Join the Order

To become a Knight/Dame of the Knights Templars of Albion we ask all new prospective new members to follow a simple joining process...

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