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The Knights Templars Of Albion

Affiliated Orders

"The Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity"

Under the above named Treaty we hereby declare that we have signed and agreed Affiliations to: Work With - Stand Alongside - Share Knowledge and Amity with the following named Knights Templar Orders. This Treaty binds us to share our Learning in the protection of international Knights Templar Orders and the members therein.

The Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple of Solomon

Signed and agreed with:

Knight Grand Master David DePaul AGOKTS.

Office of the Grand Magisterium USA.

20th 1st 2020

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The Confrérie des Templiers Chrétiens du Monde

Signed and agreed with Fra Alain Vandenbon

Maître de la Confrérie des Templiers Chrétiens du Monde Chevalier de Croix Magister Templi

Dated 18th February 2020

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Extending the Hand of Friendship and Brotherhood

Fraternal agreement with

Lord M.H. Rothschild 

With Bonds of Fraternal Friendship and Lasting Relationships.

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Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem

OSMTJ International

Signed and agreed with H.E. Mgr. Luis Jose Martinez

Grand Master. Dated March 14th 2023

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The Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonis V.S.O.S.P.S.S - MCXVIII

Signed with H.E Riccardo Bonsi  signed under a Treaty of Amity, Brotherhood, Friendship and Recognition.

October 9th 2020

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Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d' Chandos

Signed with H.E Hon. Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos. Grand Chancellor The Military Order Templar Knight of the Lord Lamont Couto.

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The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem 

The Knights of Malta (OSJ) 

Signed with Caro Don Basilio, Grand Master of the Knights Of Malta.

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International Order of the Christian Knights Templar

Jacques De Molay

Signed with 

Massimo Maria Civali

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Apostle Program

The Knights Templar of Albion Apostles Program has been designed to test your knowledge and help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a Knights Templar. It is to help guide you through your journey....

Order Structure

Sir Nick Grand Master the Knights Templars of Albion and Ambassador for the United Kingdom on behalf of Templar Nation. Sir Nick is a Member of the High Council Civil and Military Order Ordo....

Join the Order

To become a Knight/Dame of the Knights Templars of Albion we ask all new prospective new members to follow a simple joining process...

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