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Albion Events Information

Throughout the year Albion hosts or attends many different types of events.

These range from Online events and social gatherings to in-person gatherings, day trips, social meet-ups and trips abroad.

The next page (or via this link) is Albion Google Calendar which lists all the years events that Albion undertake or attend as a group or delegation.

Albion's Online events are listed in the Calendar on a link to the event is issued within the Calendar at some point in the 24hrs before the meetings start. 

Albion's excursions within the UK or meetups will be listed up to a month if not more before the event.

Albion's Investitures will be listed at least 6 months before the event.

Any trips Albion's is taking abroad to join attend the functions and Investitures of our linked Orders will again be listed at least 6 months prior to the event. 

For all foreign events Albion undertakes it is worth contacting the Order Secretary or the Events Coordinator for information as it is not possible to include it all in the Calendar.

Unless otherwise stated in the Calendar all Albion events at home, abroad or Online are open to all members. Where we attend weekend events like Steam Fairs for instance we are always open to volunteers to join us and meet the public as an Albion Representative.    

Click Here for the Events Calendar  

(Please give the Calendar a chance to load once you have clicked to it)

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