The Knights Templars of Albion Investitures.


All Investitures are held in a dedicated place of worship like the one pictured above which is the Church of The Holy Sepulchre the venue for 2021. The Church built by Simon De Senelis was built in the style of a genuine Templar round church. It has been extended at least 3 times in its existence but still holds the original round chancel and is a genuine piece of Knights Templar history.

The Investitures take place in front of the GrandMaster, the Ruling Officer, the Minister, witnesses, invited clergy and God.

So Why Be Invested?

The world is awash with many self styled Templar groups that you can join and they will call you a Knights Templar, but that does not follow the true path of the Knights Templars where upon being Invested was a critical part of the right to call oneself a Knight Or Dame of the Order.

At the Knights Templars of Albion we follow that old path as we believe that our members have the right to be Invested in a manner befitting that to which they aspire to be - A Knights Templar or a Knight/Dame of the Order.

Joining a genuine Knights Templar Order should be a journey for the members - a guide down a path - something to be proud of achieving and having worked towards. None of those feelings are gained by joining a club and just calling yourself a Knights Templar. We offer a path that means you have earnt the right to call yourself a Knight or Dame and a Knights Templar - we offer all members the chance to undertake an Investiture they will remember for life and be proud to be part of. 

So if you feel that you aspire to be a Knights Templar and pass through an official recognised process then feel free to contact us or apply to join via the Join The Order Page.