The Knights Templars of Albion 

Twinning Agreements, Blessing of Sanctity and Treaties of Brotherhood and Amity

with prestigious religious bodies.

Twinning partnership with the Prestigious Order and illustrious International Foundation Pope Clemente XI Albani.

Signed with Cav. Gr. Cr. Dr. Zef Bushati

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Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity and a Mutual Blessings and Sanctity.

His Eminence Archbishop Prof. dr. hab. Christian Paul Lambert.

The Society of Consecrated and Apostolic Life of the Holy Fathers of the Church.

"Sanctorum Ecclesiae Patrum"

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Decree of Blessing and Sanctity

Issued upon the Order of The Knights Templars of Albion by Bp. Prof. S. Vasilev Arch-Bishop of the Old Bulgarian Catholic Church.

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Partnering Agreement with

The Remnant Church Bible Institution.

Vice Chancellor and Academic Dean of Studies William Mackie

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