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The Knights Templars of Albion
Education and Learning

The Knights Templar of Albion are passionate about learning and education. The original Knights Templars were highly educated in many matters which included religion, history, politics, health and well-being, finance, mathematics, diplomacy and philosophy, as well as subjects that you would expect of the Knights Templars such as military and combat skills.

Education of a modern Knights Templar

This section of the website is dedicated to the education and learning of a modern Knights Templar. You can find information on the Knights Templars of Albion Apostles program, our links to The Remnant Church Bible Institution (RCBI) as well as access to our Knights Templar History Hub. You can also find various articles on subjects such as the Code of Chivalry, the Latin Rule and other Templar related subjects.

Apostles Program

The Knights Templar of Albion Apostles program has been designed to build knowledge and help understanding of the Knights Templars. It will help guide through the initial journey of being a recognised member of the Order and the first steps towards becoming a Knighted officer in the Knights Templar.

Bible Studies and Theology

The Knights Templar of Albion have partnered with the Remnant Church Bible Institution to provide academic education in Bible Studies and Theology. Hon' William Mackie is the Vice Chancellor and Academic Dean of Studies for the Remnant Church and is a Commander at the Knights Templar of Albion Order.

Knights Templar History

The Knights Templar of Albion provide a dedicated History section within our Community Hub, with articles written by our Senior Knights Commander Sir Martin Lardner KT. Find out more about the history of the Knights Templar across a variety of subjects

Templar Articles

Read a variety of educational articles written by the Knights Templar of Albion Order Council. Subjects include Chivalry, the Latin Rule, combat and fighting techniques, the difference between Secular and Monastic Orders and many more interesting subjects.

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