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Knights Templars of Albion Mission Statement

and Aims: Brotherhood and Charity.

The Knights Templars of Albion is founded upon two key principles based upon the original constitution 1127-1129, written by St Bernard and Hughes de Payne’s the first Grand Master of the original Order. It is our endeavour to uphold this constitution in its modern context and to live by our Templar Oath.

The Order mission is to:

To work together and with our international partners on projects aimed at people less fortunate than we are

as well as projects that preserve and teach Knights Templar History, ethos, and ethics. 

 To show by example the true meaning of Brotherhood in terms of equality and understanding and to educate the members to be able to live by the values and ethics of being a Knights Templar 

in the Modern world.

Core Acts Of Charity and Commitment to 

Charitable Acts:
 The Order is active in supporting a Veterans Association to raise funds by various methods to aid in their work including support networks for Homeless Veterans.

Order Members have undertaken mercy missions to both Ukraine and Israel/Palestine in the last 18 months.
The Order has been active in supporting the Old Bulgarian Catholic Church and the Bulgarian Gov in a

long-term project to provide cheap rental housing for homeless families in crisis.
Each year the Order and Order Members undertake various fundraisers for different charities including
White Ribbon (protection for abused women) and various Cancer charities and Charities that aid abused children. All Order Members are encouraged to promote Charities either within the Order or by personal fundraising with help from within the Member Body.

The Order is an active sponsor and support organisation helping raise funds to maintain the Knights Templar heritage by raising funds in an effort to help maintain historic Knight Templar Churches in the UK. 
The Orders Minister makes annual missionary visits to various African nations to help and support their network of teaching, faith and spiritual wellbeing
Our members are encouraged to support a scheme called My Body is My Body educating people on female genital mutilation and the consequences and effects of it mentally and physically and becoming an Ambassador in their region for the scheme.

We believe that those who cannot afford financially to give to Charity still have the ability to promote Charity with a commitment to committing Charitable Acts of kindness and help to others.

The Knights Templars of Albion work to promote the Knights Templar ethos and code of Chivalry by offering
educational courses such as the Apostles course.

The Order has attended and been guest speakers at Political Parties conferences to promote family values and to discuss the role of the Templars in the Modern World to try an promote that core family values are once again added to party manifestos.
The Order has support mechanisms to aid members by having dedicated welfare teams, support networks and ministers to offer support, guidance, help and spiritual guidance where and when required .

This service is also open to non-members where and when they contact the Order for help.
The Knights Templars of Albion works to promote the ethos of Brotherhood and understanding using personal methods as well as our various media platforms showing the value of Brotherhood and the
benefits the Knights Templar community has to offer to many both members and non-members or the Order.

“We stand to serve those less fortunate than ourselves as

Brothers and Knights Templars.”

As an Order we promote acts of Charity and dedication to the commitment of Charitable Acts a commitment to the Knights Templar Ethos of helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

A dedication to teaching and preserving the Knights Templar history.

Promoting gender, racial and religious understanding. 

Promoting family values.

Promoting the long forgotten acts of Chivalry that helped create a core family values.

Being active in the community working under the commitments that were created in age old Christian faiths.

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