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The Knights Templars of Albion Partnering with

The Remnant Church Bible Institution (RCBI)

To deliver education to Junior Members

As part of this agreement Junior Members aged between 14 and 18 years of age who have joined

The Knights Templars of Albion Juniors will receive Academic Education in Bible Studies and Theology from 

H.E. Count William Mackie the Vice Chancellor and Academic Dean of Studies for the Remnant Church

and Commander at the Albion Order

Vice Chancellor and Academic Dean of Studies

Knight Commander

H.E. Count William Mackie

From H.E. Count William Mackie.

The Remnant Church was an idea that our now Chancellor, Bishop August Francis of
Beaumont, Texas had more than a decade ago. Originally it started out as an Internet
Radio show, called “The School of the Holy Spirit.” He had a colleague who said he
would turn it into an online Bible School, but after 2 years, he walked away and said
he couldn’t do it.

Eventually I asked Bishop Francis, off air, what he was aiming to do through this
show. He explained about going online and being free of charge to Third World
Nations. I asked if I could run with it.

Six weeks later, the Remnant Church Bible Institute was online and live. I had
approached others who had study programmes already and explained what I was
aiming to do, and the training programmes were given to us free of charge.
We now have students in America, mostly in the Southern States, as well as Pastors
in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Why Remnant Church Bible Institute? We are the Remnant of God’s Church in these
last days, Remnant, because we are made up of a variety of students and
backgrounds, and Institute because an institution is an organization having a
particular purpose, especially one that is involved with science, education, or a
specific profession.

You can find out more about The Remnant Church Bible Institute at 

They can also be found on Facebook

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