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Contacting The Knights Templars of Albion

If you are looking to join the Knights Templar please click here. For all other enquiries please use the relevant contact below.

Ruling Officers

To contact the Grandmaster Sir Nick Hall or the Ruling Officer Lord Alan R Taylor of Chaol Ghleann directly please email us here

Order Secretary

To contact the Knights Templars of Albion Order Secretary please use the general contact form

Welfare Officers

If you are looking to contact the Order Welfare Office, which is managed by Commander Michael Saunders and Sergeant Albert Louw please click here

Write to us

You can write to us at; The Knights Templars of Albion, c/o 41 Northcroft, Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom MK5 7AP

Oath and Constitution

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Be brace and be upright so that God will love thee.

Speak the truth always even if it leads to your downfall.

Safeguard the helpless and.... 

Order Structure

Sir Nick Grand Master the Knights Templars of Albion and Ambassador for the United Kingdom on behalf of Templar Nation. Sir Nick is a Member of the High Council Civil and Military Order Ordo....

Affiliated Orders

Under the Treaty of Brotherhood and Amity, The Knights Templars of Albion have signed and agreed affiliations to work alongside, share knowledge and amity with other international Orders of the Knights Templars....

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