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The Knights Templars of Albion

Apostles Program

Becoming a Knight - Your route to investiture

The Knights Templar of Albion Apostles program has been designed to test your knowledge and help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a Knights Templar. The Apostles program has been written and designed by Order Council of The Knights Templars of Albion. It will help guide you through your journey of being a recognised member of the Order and to help take you forwards to the esteemed honour of becoming a Knighted Knights Templar.

The Apostles Program will teach you the history of the Knights Templars, their ethos and ethics, what and how it has effected a modern world. You will learn about the different types of Orders and the sort of person it takes to be a Knights Templar and a Knighted Knights Templar in a Recognised Order in a modern world, plus much more. To our knowledge, no other Order is running a learning and education program of this nature.

Joining the Knights Templars Apostles program

The Knights Templar of Albion Apostles program is a certificated course that is available on two different eLearning platforms so that access is possible to all individuals who wish to undertake the learning. Full mentoring and tutoring is available for all Apostles. The Apostles program is core part of becoming a recognised Knights Templars, for more information please visit our Join the Order page.

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