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Welcome to Albion Media.

Feeding direct from the Albion Media Youtube Channel.

Albion Media is a concept of the Knights Templars of Albion. The Channel is dedicated to talking all things related to the Order and the Knights Templars.

Albion Media not only uploads content filmed during Investiture Service and Ceremony but is also the host of a video series called the Twenty Minute Discussions. A series hosted by the Orders Ruling Officer Lord Alan R Taylor where he speaks openly and candidly with a wide range of people connected to the Templar World on a variety of subjects. 

Coming soon to Albion Media will be another series called 

The GrandMasters Questions where the Orders GrandMaster Sir Nick Hall is placed on the spot to answer questions in an open and honest manner. With question topics unknown to Sir Nick his reactions, answers and thoughts on different subjects will be there for all to see and hear. 

Take Part in the discussions.

If you feel that you may be a person of interest to Albion Media and wish to take part in one of our programs than feel free to contact us so we can talk about your desired topic of conversation.

You can contact Albion Media HERE for an informal discussion on taking part.

Where to watch Albion Media.

You can either navigate via the link below or head direct over to our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE

where you can also like and subscribe to receive updates on new releases.

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