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The Knights Templars of Albion

Community Hub

Welcome to the Knights Templar of Albion Community Hub. The Hub is for Order Members, guests and friends of the Order. Everyone is free to enter discussions and posts on the Hub Discussion Page. Please use the drop down links in the Community Hub menu above to navigate the site.​

How to use the Community Hub

Anyone granted access to use the Community Hub is asked to add a recent photo of themselves, as no avatars are permitted. Please also add some additional information to your profile page so that others members know who they are. Failure to do so may result in their removal.

History Section

You can find a wide range of fascinating Knights Templars history articles written by our Senior Knight Commander Martin Lardner.

Media and Videos

See the latest media from the Knights Templars of Albion community and watch videos providing valuable knowledge about the Knights Templars.

​Privacy Warning

Please note that the contents of the Community Hub are protected under the copyright

of A.R.Taylor and Nick Hall, acting as The Knights Templars of Albion. Anyone found copying, pasting and/or divulging any of the contents of the Community Hub without the express permission of the copyright holders may be subject to copyright infringement and the law relating to the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR Regulations 2018.

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