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Welcome to the Knights Templars of Albion

The Knights Templars Of Albion are a internationally recognised affiliated Order of the Knights Templars. We represent the Embassy of Templar Nation for the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Knights Templars of Albion recognise the 1127 to 1307 Templar Constitution and follow a path dedicated to the teachings of the Knights Templars and their ethos. We are an Order that values its members and respects all others.

The Knights Templars of Albion offer education, help and guidance to those who want to further their knowledge of the Knights Templars, their works and history. We offer a way of life, a path to follow and an introduction to become part of an international community of Templars. We provide a dedicated route to Investiture for those looking to become a Knights Templar. We are open to all and fully inclusive.

The Knights Templars of Albion
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